The Illinois of Art, Chicago
Programming for the Artist
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


The following links provide samples of each homework assignment. Please refer to the syllabus for a description of the assignment. The weekly schedule is subject to change.

Week 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5

Assignment Samples

Week 1

Find, compare, and formally present two development environments

Example 1

Assignment: Form team of 3 and describe game concept

For reference only (you don't need to do anything this thorough):

Complete game specs:

Week 2

Assignment: Find and demonstrate 2 separate chunks of code for a game like your concept

Assignment: Commit to a game engine

Week 3

Create a flowchart of game events.

Create a mini Media Design Document (MDD) listing game assets needed

Demonstrate game setup by writing code to generate game environment

Week 4

Demonstrate 3 actions of game play

Week 5