Course Title: Advanced Web Scripting



Course Number and Section:MM355

Term: Winter


Year:  2006



Number of Contact Hours: 6

Time: 3:00 pm Monday and Wednesday


Place: 180 N. Wabash



Instructor: Lindsay D. Grace




Office Phone / E-mail:

Office Hours: TBA





Course Description:


This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of web script programming. Students will be taught the concepts, procedures, and standards to creating quality code for traditional object oriented and procedure based programming languages. Although the course will be taught primarily in JavaScript, students with a strong understanding will have little problem transitioning to other popular programming languages.



Beginning JavaScript

Paul Wilton

Paperback, 1056 pages, Second Edition

Wrox: ISBN: 0764544055


Required Materials

3 3.5” floppy disks (no exception), labeled with your name and disk number



Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to explain and understand


·                     Client-side and server-side script code

·                     Programming fundamentals (variables, control structures, etc.)

·                     Interface design principles to interactive web sites

·                     Understand how to publish and distribute files on a network

·                     How to create programs that solve specified problems

·                     How to work in teams to solve problems through code

Weekly Schedule*


Week 1: Introduction and Chapter 1

                   Review of HTML

                   Overview of Programming Fundamentals

Simple Debugging


Week 2: Chapter 2 and 3

                   Data Types and Variables

                        Decisions and Loops


Week 3: Chapter 3 and Supplements:

Procedural Development

                   Native functions

Custom Functions


Week 4: Chapter 4 and 13

Object Oriented Development

The document object model (DOM)

Event Handlers


Week 5: Chapter 6

HTML forms and Validation



Week 6:  User Interface Supplements

                        Team proposals due

Dynamic HTML


                   Designing a user interface

                        Development Samples


Week 7: Chapter 8

Cascading Style Sheets

                   Software Project Development and Management

                   String Manipulation (if time)


Week 8: Chapter 5 and 15

Introduction to Server Side Scripting

                   Overview of Scripting languages and development

BOM and Browser Compatibility


Week 9:  Team Project Presentations (Beta)

                   More Server Side Scripting

                   Development samples


Week 10: The Future of Web Scripting    



Week 11: Final Presentations and Recommendations

Final projects due (with documentation)


Grading System:


Point Score range

Letter Grade

93 and above






















Below 60






Score Breakdown:


Homework:               50%

Midterm Exam:         25%

Final Project:            25%



Course Requirements and Policies


All students must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Illinois Institute of Art’s student handbook.


All assignments are due at the beginning of the class.  Students should hand provide a copy of their program on a PC-formatted 3.5” inch floppy disk.


Students should always keep a backup copy of their work.


No late assignments will be accepted. In this course, each assignment will build on the previous.  Failure to complete the prior week’s assignment will make each subsequent week harder. It is in your best interest to complete each assignment on time and to the best of your ability. Always hand in what you have, even if it does not work. Partial credit is better than no credit at all.



Attendance / Absences:


Students are expected to attend each class and arrive on time.  Any student arriving late for an exam may not be given a chance to complete the exam. Late assignments are deducted one letter grade per day.


Makeup exams and acceptance of late assignments will only be granted in the following circumstances; Medical excuse, emergencies, campus-sponsored activities.


All issues of attendance and tardiness will be handled as school policy dictates and at the discretion of the instructor.


Cheating and Plagiarism:


Any student that cheats or plagiarizes will be reported to the academic standards committee and may be dismissed from the course.


All homework is to be completed independently (except when told otherwise). Any student who is caught or suspected of working in conjunction with any other student will be penalized. Using lines of code borrowed from any source other than the prescribed book for this course will be considered plagiarism. Do not use websites, message boards, chat rooms, or other related resources to solve homework problems.


*Schedule subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.