The Illinois of Art, Chicago
Programming for the Artist
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


The following brief comparison will help you beginning to evaluate the difference between starter game engine development tools. This table represents less than half of the research you should complete when presenting game engines. As you complete your research remember to compare the important characteristics of each game engine.

Suggested Student Programming Languages and Environments

  Save Exe? Online documentation In Class Demo? Language Platforms for Release Price Sample Games
Blitz3d: (free version)   X X Basic PC $0  
Blitz3d: ($100) X X X Basic PC $100

Tecno,Naked Wars, SuperGerball

Dark Basic Lite ($14.99)   X   Basic PC $14.99 Beer Run
Dark Basic ($39.99) X X   Basic PC $39.99

3D Mahjong,Vergaz

Microsoft XNA Express (Blade 3D etc.) X X   C# PC,XBOX 360 $0 Eternity's Child
Torque Indie Trial X X   C++ PC, OSX, XBOX 360 (additional license needed) $0/$150

Think Tanks, Wildlife Tycoon, Fizzball