Game Prototyping
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Torque resources:

Now that you have committed to your Torque product (TGE or TGB), you'll need some help. When I'm not in class to offer help (and you lose my email address) you should have a set of resources. Beside's I might not have all the answers :)

That's what this list is. First, you should have a bookmark to the Garage Games forums (create an account if you don't have one) for your "environment". TGB team, your complete list of official and unofficial resources is provided by garage games here.

Remember, TDN is your friend :)


Garage Games has a book for their product, called the The Game Programmer's Guide to Torque. And, just because you have some experience with the Game Programming for Teens book (Blitz3d), you might want to look at Torque for Teens, although that is not an endorsement :) The Game Programming All in One book also covers Torque. These should be in our library.

The Web

Here are a few unofficial resources for the Torque Game Engine :



You will as lo find a few polished tutorials on You Tube, Google Video, et al. This one, for example, demonstrates creating collisions and exporting models:

Searches on the web:

From experience, when you have a specific questions that start with "how do I make...", it is best to ask your favorite search engine for "torque|tgb|tge| example of ..."
. Like working with Blitz3D, the community is probably your best bet. They are an active, open and honest set of developers. NEver forget to mention that you are an aspiring game designer just trying to make it in the "cruel, cruel" world of indie game dev :) That or just say you're newbie.


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