Introduction to Game Development
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Top 10 Week 8: Gameplay

Gameplay Moments and Experiences

Screw attack top 10 OMG gameplay moments (18+) in games. You'll see that all these moments happen in some of the most popular games - Knights of the Old Republic, Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Metroid, etc. This of course contains spoilers, but you should have played these games. Either way, you should note that many of these moments are integral to storytelling (yes another plug for the strong relationship).

You may also want to view the 1st game critics game of the year (GOTY) awards for 2007. You won't find any surprises here, but it's a good place to remind yourself of what games you should play if you haven't already. Once you are done reminiscing about the 2007 games, take a look at the best of E3 2008 - Top 10 New Video Games.

Since some interesting things happen in the indie game world, I'd suggest browsing Game Tunnel's top 100 Indie Games. We've played some of these in class, and if you have me for more classes, we play others later. This is a popular list worth browsing.

You can also view the historical game trailers countdown of the Top 10 Most Innovative Games, which I shared before.


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