Survey of Design and Media Art
Instructor: Lindsay Grace

Brief Summary of the Intelligences

Linguistic / Verbal

Strong in language and words. You can explain things well and persuade others. You are attracted to the linguistic arts of poetry and storytelling.

Logical Mathematical / Sequential
You are good at recognizing patterns, solving problems, and thinking in rational, analytic terms. Your approaches are methodical. You may be attracted to research, computer programming and activities that involve logical problem solving.

You are good at manipulating objects and understand spatial concepts. You can design structures and see spatial relationships in your head clearly. You are attracted to artistic works and visual details. You may have interest in sculpting, three dimensional image manipulation, and architecture.

You are good at recognizing and performing rhythmical and melodic sequences. Musical performers tend to have high musical intelligence.

You are god at manipulating your body to achieve goals. You move with grace and power. Athletes, dancers and surgeons have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

You are good at identifying people’s intentions and motivations. You can read people like the linguistic intelligence reads books. You tend to develop strong relationships and can see things from other people’s perspective. Politicians and social directors are have high degrees of interpersonal intelligence.

You are good at understanding your own feelings and desires. You are an introspective individual. You are likely to have high levels of motivation and self-confidence. People with this intelligence tend to be god at self-educating themselves and working independently.