Game Prototyping
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Game Prototyping / Advanced Game Prototyping Student Samples

This class is split into 2 sessions, Game Prototyping and Game Prototyping II (aka Advanced Game Prototyping).  For most of you, this is the only course where you produce a game.  That means, this is it. This is your chance to create that great game you’ve been thinking about over the last 3 years. Or, more practically, this is your chance to make a game for your portfolio. 

The first 2-3 weeks of this class are designed to help you understand the general benefits of prototyping, design a game concept, and go through the first iteration of an implementation. That is no small task in 3 weeks.  We do at least 1 more iteration of design and development before the quarter ends.

You will use the most appropriate technology for your design, but there is strong bias to using Torque or modding Half-Life 2 and Unreal 3. 
During the course, you will create a Game Design Document (GDD) and a "Media Design Document" (MDD). I will give you examples from industry of each, but for now understand that we will be documenting your game design and development like a professional project. You will articulate your particular art pipeline, create logs of your individual work (weekly deltas), and work in a specialty area (e.g. art direction, design lead, etc). 

Here are examples documents produced by students in this class:

You might also want to see a few samples from students: (videos in class):


Provided by Lindsay Grace for students of the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. These documents may be used by others when properly credited. Please email lgrace at aii edu for more information.