Game Prototyping
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Prototypes Samples:

The most interesting are from Jonathan Blow, from the maker of Braid. We will watch his IGF presentation in class.

The following a few less trsutworthy sources of prototype and pre-release samples.

There are also a bunch of prototype vidoes and downloads from Sega Sonic (1992), but many of them only help in understanding what bugs existed. Here's one such video and another.


The following are a mixed bag of demos and prototype-level games. These offer web resources, unlike some of the games we played in class. When you are searching for prototypes, be careful becuase the terms are unfortuneltly mixed in varied circles. Often what is called a prototype may really be an amatuer's demo. Four our purposes think of as a prototype as a proof of concept, where the amount of proof varies by time.

What is also difficulty is that many prototypes are never meant to be viewed by outsiders. All of this adds up to one sad fact - there aren't a lot of true prototypes for us to review. As such, we will look at beta demos, student level games, and short, demonstrative game experiences.


Game Prototype videos:


Provided by Lindsay Grace for students of the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. These documents may be used by others when properly credited. Please email lgrace at aii edu for more information.