Prototyping for Games 1
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Pitching Your Games to a Developer:

If you are going to pitch your game to anyone, you will need to have a clear sense for what you plan to develop and how it fits in the grand world of games. It is not enough to pitch yet another post-apocalyptic FPS. Changing a single mechanic(i.e. a post apocalyptic third person shooter), doesn't give your game new legs either. You'll know when you've hit a fresh idea when you can't find many games like it. As you develop your game prototype consider not only how you pitch, but what you are pitching. If your game lacks novelty, it will be very difficult for you to compete in the competitive, well-defined markets.

Once you have done your research and you have an idea that is solidly original, review these materials about pitching your game.



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