Advanced Game Prototyping
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


How many games are like your last quarter's prototype? What went well for those games? What didn't? Let's do some research:

Start with a review of "Shape Shifting" games provided at Giant Bomb:

Then review some of the "blob" and "goo" games (I left World of Goo out becuase it not that close to your concept)

Blob Games

Blobby Blob Bob Game (Nordic Game Jam 2007): (This is also a plug for Game Jams :) )


A Boy and his Blob:

De Blob (we played this in class a long time ago - but now it's on the WII):

Dr Blob's Orgnism (IGF Winner):



Then reviews your character (Bob was it?) here:

Random Blob Games:

Blob Game Vidoes (all things "blob"):


Last Revision: 1/12/09

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