Introduction to the World Wide Web
Instructor: Lindsay Grace

Final Project Guidelines

This assignment will be worth 5% of yuor grade if completed and worthy of an A.

The final project should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts discussed in class and in the text. There is no final exam in this class, so the final project must demonstrate a full understanding.

The Story:
You have been given a $10,000 grant to create an Internet based business. The business can be anything you want, but the grant prevents you from creating yet another Internet porn site or participating in any illegal activates. The business can be not-for-profit or charity.

The Goal:
The final project should outline a plan for creating an Internet based business. In completing the project, you should integrate the information you acquired in this class to solve the problem of creating a good Internet based business. It will consist of a minimum of two primary components:

o A series of mockups of the online business
o A 5-page document outlining the idea

The mockups should be drawings or flow charts relating to the business. If for example, you decide to create a web site for selling art supplies, you should do the following:

Creating a drawing of the web site’s first page
Create a simple flow chart of 3 or 4 of the destinations on the web site

Create a few drawings of important sections of the web site.

You can draw the mockups any way you want. Drawing by hand is fine, as long as the work demonstrates quality time and effort.

Five Page Document Outlining the Business

This document should describe your idea in detail. You must have the following two sections in the document:



Using names of companies, we discussed, describing concepts (e.g. client server, e-commerce), and facts will add to the credibility of your discussion.

The document must be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font. It will be at least 5 double-spaced pages of copy. Images, titles, and other such items inserted into the document will add to the required length of the document.

You should submit your idea to the instructor by September 4.