The Illinois of Art, Chicago
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


The following sites contain a solid set of JavaScript libraries for you to use in your final projects. Please test all code before deciding to use a specific library.

General JavaScript:
These are solid, cross-browser libraries for validaiton, calendars, and object movement.

General JavaScript:

Well organized, comprehensive list.

General JavaScript:

This is one of the most popular sites for javascrip libraries. The content is poorly organized, and the code is varying quality.


A list and samples of JavaScript based image effects, menus, etc
This site has flash adn JavaScript based effects. This site is better for ideas than for implementation.

Complete JavaScript Effects Library:

A complete JavaScript effects library. Visit the message board for samples.

An immpressive JavaScript library (but ti costs $25):
Some of the pay libraries are based on free code, so if you like something here, a web search may provide the free version.


Overlib Extended Version:


Good examples of solid games

My examples of JavaScript games: