Scriptwriting for Games
Instructor: Lindsay Grace

Sample of highest ranked concept statements

Concept 1:

Sometime long ago in Feudal Japan, two clans of Samurai are constantly vying for control of a piece of sacred land. With the intentions of putting an end to clan A, the shogun and his pregnant wife are murdered on the day she is to give birth to his heir. With the aid of a necromancer the murdered heir is re-animated for the sole purpose of getting revenge using supernatural abilities.

Concept 2:

Intended for Younger Audiences:

The player takes the role of a misfortunate adolescent who find a trap door in his closet which leads to a surreal fantasy world in a state of unrest. In the peaceful world, an evil ruler begins tearing the world apart to create his own twisted reality. As the story progresses, the player gains friends and abilities to help him rid their world of the evil king who plans on taking over.

Sample of low ranked concept statement:

In the beginning of the action RPG, the main character is living a normal life until her whole family is killed by uppers in front of her. She makes a deal with fate to be her will on blah blah. Midway through the game you are a bounty hunter, hunting down the uppers responsible for messing with time manipulating the cosmic key lines. In the end you confront the hoards of enemies that the main enemy sends at you.