Scriptwriting and Storytelling for Games
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Final Project Requirements

The final project will be your opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the process and technique of scriptwriting. You must create the basic elements of a game script. The basis for the script can be any industry-viable game project of your choosing. The project must rely heavily on story and employ storytelling techniques as discussed in class.

By completing the fist weeks of this course you have authored:

· A concept statement
· A Game philosophy or statement of goals
· Several character descriptions
· A plot outline
· A cinematic sequence
· A document outlining the commercial potential of your concept

You are now responsible for collecting those materials authored in class. In addition, you will need to complete your final game script by filling in any blanks. On the following pages, you will see a complete list of requirements.

This project and course are an excellent resource for future art projects. Developing the concepts and articulating your characters, game environments, cinematic sequences and related material can inform your future projects. Please treat this project as a way to prepare yourself for future work in the school and in the profession of game art and design.

All Assignments must be handed in on time. Assignments will not be accepted after the start of class. A grade of “F” will be given for late assignments.

Please allow yourself PLENTY of time to print and bind your script.

Please create a contingency plan. Have a backup copy of your script available several days before the project is due.

Scripts will be evaluated as follows:

- Quality of writing
- Are there any writing errors?
- Does the writing employ techniques covered in this class?

- Quality of creative execution
- Do you accomplish what you set out to accomplish
- Does the writing effectively employ creativity
- Is the final script well organized and easy to read? Can it be browsed? Is it engaging?
- Is the final script professionally presented? Is it bound? Does it read as one complete document or fragments? Is it clear that time and care were spent on the project?
- Are all sections complete?

Three reviewers will evaluate every final project:

By you (a self assessment)
A set of peers
The instructor (me)

Reviewers will complete a worksheet documenting their assessment.

You must print 2 copies of the final script. The first copy will be graded and marked. The second copy will be reviewed by peers and handed to you on the final day of class. The second copy can be added to your portfolio for future job interviewers or demonstration.

All scripts must:
Be single spaced in 12-point font.
Provide page numbers (lower left hand corner)
Provide section markers
Integrate game art with text.
Excite and interest the reader

Please note: the interactive script section should be completed in 12 point Courier New font to follow industry standards.

This document is a showcase of your talents. Package it appropriately.

DO NOT do the following:
Provide assignments with handwriting on them
Provide heavily used, worn, or torn binders
Provide portfolio cases

Requirements Checklist:

The final script must contain the following sections. This list describes the minimum requirements.

Section Length

Project Overview: (2-3 pages)

- Concept Statement 1 paragraph
- Game Philosophy 1 paragraph
- Target Audience (w/ research support and references) 1 table
- Game Play Description 1 paragraph

Character Development: (4-5 pages)

Primary Character Overview
- 1 Player Character Summary 1 page
- 1 Player Character Illustration

Non-player Character Overview
- 1 Antagonist Character Summary 1 page
- 1 Supporting NPC overview 1 page
- 5 NPC Character Descriptions (w/ NPC type) 1 page
- 3 NP Character Illustrations

Interactive Script: (5-6 pages)

- 1 cinematic sequence: game opening, end, or trailer. 2 pages
- 1 list of PC action dialogue or NPC grunt dialogue 1 page

- Plot synopsis as a step plan 1.5 pages
- 1 flowchart of the entire game’s events 1 page

Game World: (6-7 pages)

Setting Descriptions
- 1 Primary game setting environment description 2 paragraphs
- 1 List of alternate setting environments 1 page
- 1 description of aesthetic and narrative style 1 paragraph

- Supporting Setting Art 2 pages

Implements Descriptions
- 1 list of game implements (weapons, vehicles, etc) 1 page
- Supporting implements art 1 page

Appendix (optional section)
- Resources: list books, games, or other resources used in developing this game (if any)

- History: game design history

Following these guidelines the average final script will be about 20 pages with included art. This is significantly shorter than the average game script. Please remember that page length does not indicate a quality project. Please use concise, efficient writing. In short, do your best.



Provided by Lindsay Grace for students of the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. These documents may be used by others when properly credited. Please email lgrace at aii edu for more information.