Scriptwriting for Digital Media Production
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


Assignment 1: Create a Public Service Announcement

You are responsible for creating one public service announcement. The announcement must report the following:

§ One announcement theme
§ An organization related to the topic
§ The contact information for the organization

All announcements must be serious, clear, engaging and contain factual information.
Suggested topics include:

§ Adoption
§ Community involvement
§ Energy conservation
§ Arts education
§ Drug prevention
§ Drunk driving
§ Sexual harassment
§ Registering to vote
§ Domestic violence
§ Community non-profit services
§ Recycling
§ Public safety
§ Public health

Please ask the instructor if you have any questions about the quality of your chosen topic.

Each completed assignment will contain the following:

§ One-60 second radio script.
§ One-30 second radio script.
§ One-30 second television script.

Scripts must be formatted properly according the format guidelines provided.

As a final note, remember that 3-act structure continues to be an important part of any story. Find your conflict, and you will find your story.



Provided by Lindsay Grace for students of the Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago. These documents may be used by others when properly credited. Please email lgrace at aii edu for more information.