The Illinois of Art, Chicago
Programming for the Artist
Instructor: Lindsay Grace


There are three printed resources I recommended for Programming for the Artist weekly reading in addition. They are:

I'd also suggest reading the following online resources:

The following is a suggested reading schedule for students that choose to develop in BlitzBasic. The following resources provide the week by week parallel to in-class lectures and lab exercises. It is suggested that you review either the [Blitz 3D Beginners Guide and the Blitz3D Crash Course] or The Programming for Teens Book.

Since there are 3 people in each group, you could assign each person a particular reading resource.

After the first few weeks of class you will be so steeped in your own code that reading will not be as important and as good-old fashioned problem solving (aka reading, writing and asking lots of questions). If you keep pace with the reading, you will greatly improve your Programming for the Artist Experience.

Blitz 3D Beginners Guide

This reading introduces fundamental programming concepts. It is best for someone who has never programmed before and needs a slow-paced introduction.

Blitz3D Crash Course

This is best for people comfortable with programming. It does include several practical examples for FPS creation and how-tos that extend what was learned in class.

Programming for Teens

This book is largely based on BlitzPlus which is the 2D version of Blitz3D. The syntax is similar, and the concepts are slowly introduced. If you have never programmed before, and you would like to have a resource in traditional book format, this is best.