Survey of Design and Media Art
Instructor: Lindsay Grace

Article Summary Guidelines

Article summaries should be approximately 1 page in length (typed in 12 point font, and double-spaced). They should reflect an understanding of the article being reviewed. Students should choose articles of at least 2 magazine pages (or 3 printed HTML pages) in length. This guarantees that the student has enough material to discuss. Articles should come from industry and trade magazines. Ideal article topics should discuss current trends or estimates of future developments.

Students may summarize any article of their choice. Students must complete at least one summary on each of the three industries (graphic design, multimedia, and animation) discussed in this course. The remaining 2 article summaries may be based on topics related to the course (e.g. gaming, software, hardware, etc).

All documents turned in for grading should have the student’s name, course name, section number, assignment description, date and title listed on them. Cover pages are a nice way to present your work.

The following describes how I will evaluate the article summaries:

Grade: A

The student demonstrated a clear understanding of the article. There were no obvious grammatical or spelling errors.

Grade: B

The student demonstrates some understanding of the article. Either obvious spelling and grammatical errors exist, or there are logical problems in the student’s discussion of the article.

Grade: C

The student does demonstrate a minimal understanding of the article. There may also be grammatical errors, spelling errors, or other indications that the student did not spend adequate time and effort writing the document.

Grade: D

The student does not demonstrate an understanding of the article. Spelling and grammatical errors are obvious and demonstrate below average written communication sills.

Grade: F

Student did not hand the assignment in on time, or failed to turn the assignment in at all. Documents not typed or not spell-checked may also receive this grade.