Advanced Web Scripting
Instructor: Lindsay Grace

Group Project Outline


The group projects are your opportunity to demonstrate applied knowledge. You should use your creativity to implement a website that uses JavaScript in useful, user centered applications. As with all assignments, please be sure to follow directions carefully. Be sure to present your product well by avoiding spelling errors or obvious defects in design and implementation.

Assignment (choose only of the 3 assignments listed below)

1. The Alphabet Street children’s television program is looking to update their website. They want to help children learn a basic skill (such as arithmetic or reading). They would also like 2 other interactive learning activities for the children.

2. Wicked Records is looking to update their website for the Boy Band, 2 + You. They want their visitors to be able to submit fan mail, review albums, and do one online activity that entertains their visitors.

3. The Art Institute of Chicago is looking to make some enhancements to their museum website. In particular they want to improve their visitor information site. They have outlined the following requirements:

· An interactive set of pages that describes different areas of the museum (e.g. Renaissance Art, Medieval Art, Modern Art)
· An interactive trivia quiz about 20th Century visual artists
· An interactive game with an art theme

All sites must demonstrate well-constructed HTML.

If you would like to do something other than what is described above, please talk to the instructor first.

Any work that was completed outside of this class cannot be submitted for this assignment. Any attempts to do so will result in a failing grade.

General Guidelines

The assignment must be completed by a group of 3 individuals.

The completed assignment will have 2 components

1. A working website with at least 4 pages of content (most will require more)
2. A 3-5 page document that describes the team’s decisions about usability, website design, and the code behind the website.

Code Guidelines

· All code must be original work and cannot be copied from existing websites or code banks.
· All code must be commented
· All code should work for Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0) and Netscape Navigator (6.0) and above.

Documentation Guidelines

The documentation for your project should be a minimum of 3 double-spaced, typed pages in Times New Roman font.

The documentation should focus on three core aspects of your project

§ The design of the Website
§ Design of the interfaces
§ Development and functionality of the programming logic

If you include pictures of your work the document should be lengthened accordingly.


Your software will be beta tested by the class one week prior to grading. This is your opportunity to correct any unforeseen errors or usability issues. Groups that do not take suggestion from testing must articulate why they chose not to in a detailed write up.

Your grade will be based on the following

50 points: Initial beta test
30 points: Documentation
20 points: Final product

Total: 100 points.

Beta Test
The beta test should be fully functional. The websites you present to the class must be showcase quality. At this stage the websites should be easily used without much explanation. An “A” product will be well thought out, original and fully functional. An “A” product may have a few minor spelling errors or usability oversights, but generally indicates a significant amount of planning and development.


Please follow the guidelines above for documentation. An “A” document will not contain any spelling errors. It will also be a polished document that is substantive enough to stand on its own. A reader of this document should be able to read and understand it without reviewing the website.
The 3 page minimum requirement represents satisfactory completion of the assignment. As such, it will receive the satisfactory grade of C if it meets and does not go beyond the core requirements of this assignment.
Although the documentation for this project is not due until the final product is handed in, it may be a good idea to provide the class with a copy of your documentation when presenting your beta test. You will then have the ability to revise your documentation if the student reviewers find problems.

Final Product

The final product will be polished and error free. It should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts discusses in class and in the class textbook. Use of functions, conditional logic, DOM and other key concepts demonstrates and understanding of them. Please use the material covered in class effectively.

This project may be a strong candidate for addition to your final portfolio. Please complete the project with this in mind.